The first motankas appeared 5,000 years ago, and now motanka is reaching a new level, she is becoming an NFT symbol



The motanka doll is one of the oldest symbols of Ukrainian culture. The motanka doll is the embodiment of female power, wisdom, strength and beauty.

The name of the motanka doll is due to the fact that the manufacturing technology is not in sewing but in winding threads and stitches. The main peculiarity of the doll is that it should be faceless, often with cross on head. It used to be made of any pieces of fabric that could be found at home.
About our Collection:

Our series takes a look at preserving the beauty of the Ukrainian ancient doll - Motanka !

Each art piece is totally unique with its own special traits, colors and ornaments representing different regions of Ukraine, national holidays, Slav Gods, customs, religious ceremonies, historical events and popular Ukrainian personalities. The art style is influenced by the actual motankas, which are made out of natural materials having a rough authentic look.

why should you choose motanka?

Motankas will catch people’s attention at first starting as a trend and proceed as an educational tool while broading people’s knowledge about Ukrainian culture, if you want to show your support for Ukrainian culture, then you should buy motanka !

Our priority is quality art, we spend a big deal of time researching all the ins and outs of motankas origin. Each art is made by an actual person who has a deep understanding in this field, that’s why each motanka has its own meaning. Our art is completely unique and inimitable, hand-drawn for many hours, has its own meaning.

There will be only 100 motankas in collection, be among 100 unique buyers from all over the world.

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